Healing the Womb will Heal the World ... 

A culture that oppresses and terrorises the Feminine is destroying our world. Patriarchy and capitalism have spent hundreds of years pillaging and destroying both people and planet, and the calamities they encourage are only now beginning to be properly questioned. 

Cracks in the system are starting to show. The climate crisis rages on, and fights for social justice are gaining more and more traction as the years go by. 

Now is the time to build a New World. One where the Feminine is honoured and revered as She should be. Where those with wombs are educated in their cyclical power and writing their own stories, and where the shame and dogma of old conditioning dissolves. 

Patriarchy and capitalism have failed us. The time of fear and oppression is ending. We must reclaim our power, stand in our magic, and remember that we with wombs are wild and free. 

Join me, as we build the New, together.

The Feminine is calling.

Drop into the Womb.


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Meeting the ReWilded Feminine ... 


Take back the knowledge the system tried to hide from us. Learn how to live in alignment with your inner seasons for more ease, pleasure, fulfilment, and joy. Track your cycle to avoid or achieve pregnancy, without relying on apps or hormonal birth control. Receive the sacred knowledge of the Feminine Archetypes, outside of the toxic narrative put forth by Patriarchy. Intuitively self-author your reality, and release the dogma and shame we inherited from generations of ostracisation and oppression.

If you are here on this page, you are here for a reason. This work finds those who are ready. The Feminine invites you in, at the perfect time. Please, beloved. For the love of the world we all long for, do not ignore the pull of the womb! 

The world of womb health and menstrual wellness can seem overwhelming. You might be feeling nervous, apprehensive, even downright scared. All of it is okay. All of it is welcome. This is sacred work, and we don't ever have to do it alone.

Dive deep with me. 

I've got a feeling ... 

  • You see the catastrophic damage patriarchy has done to our world and its people, and you KNOW there's a better way.

  • You're passionate, creative, and bloody brilliant. You know you are. But, you can feel yourself holding back ... 

  • Your cycle might be a bit of a burden right now. You might be struggling with difficult PMS, irregular cycles, poor sleep, or low energy. You might not think about your cycle at all, except when your bleed arrives as a terrible inconvenience. 

  • You look to the way that our culture represents the Feminine, wombs, women. You're repelled by it. You can feel the disgust that misogyny has for us, and you know in the very marrow of your soul that we deserve better. That YOU deserve better. 

  • You're worried about the state of the world. The climate crisis looms ahead, ever closer. You know you need to do something, you just don't know what.

  • You can feel boundless creativity bubbling inside of you, but landing it and expressing it feels like too much.

  • You're ambitious as fuck. You know your power, and you're deeply yearning to share it with the world. 

  • You feel the pull. You KNOW that a deeper relationship with your womb is the next step for you. You want to embark on the journey of womb healing and Feminine reclamation, you just haven't found the right path yet. Maybe you're overwhelmed at the idea of doing it alone (you don't have to!) 

I know your longing. I know your rage. I've been there.

I spent years living with chronic pain from a debilitating case of endometriosis. I was told I'd never be well again. When I embarked on my own journey of womb and Feminine healing, my cycle came back and my pain vanished. 

I was furious.

I couldn't believe I'd been swallowing lies for so long, and that our system perpetuates these lies so flippantly. I wanted to shout womb healing from the rooftops, to burn down the institutions that teach us such harmful stories about our bodies. I vowed to dedicate the rest of my life to the mission of making sure that every single womb bearer on this planet is empowered with the knowledge that saved me.

This knowledge is our birthright.

Gift yourself and your womb six months of devotion. Allow yourself to ...

  • Finally gain access to the knowledge you never learned in school, or in a doctor's office. Be empowered with an in-depth understanding of your cycle and how it affects every area of your life. 

  • Maximise creativity, ease, pleasure, and joy. Learn to work WITH your cycle in all areas of life to avoid burnout, exhaustion, and anxiety.

  • Reclaim the narrative of who you are. Release any dogma and shame from the system around any of the Feminine Archetypes, and rewrite the story for yourself.

  • Learn to effectively track your cycle to avoid or achieve pregnancy, without relying on an app or hormonal contraception.

  • Drop into deeper layers of embodiment and devotion, let go of shame and insecurity.

  • Embrace the Sacred as it intertwines with the Science. Learn about the menstrual cycle physiologically, and develop a practise of ritual to honour it spiritually. 

  • Learn to live in alignment with the seasons of the womb so as to allow your activism, your creativity, your MISSION, to land in the world with love and ease. 

  • Break the cycle of shame and oppression, allow for generational and ancestral healing.

  • Dive deep into the energetics of the Pelvic Bowl and learn to work with it as a system for health and growth.

  • Let go of capitalist patriarchal rhetoric, once and for all. 

Six Months of Rewilding the Womb, and Decolonising the Feminine ... 

Module one: THE MAIDEN

For the first month, we work with the Maiden archetype. She represents wonder, awe, curiosity, and limitless potential. We clear energetic stagnancy in the ovaries, releasing fear of abandonment and rejection, and dive deep into the science and the sacred of Inner Spring (pre-ovulation). 

Module two: THE LOVER / SIREN

In month two, we work with the Siren Archetype, sometimes called the Lover. She holds all things ease, pleasure, joy, fulfilment, and receiving. We clear energetic stagnancy in the clitoris, releasing sexual and sensual shame, and dive deep into what happens in the mind, body, and soul during Inner Summer (ovulation).

Module three: THE MOTHER

During month three, we look to the Mother. She is nourishing, passionate, wise, and oh so powerful in her sovereignty. We clear energetic stagnancy in the two-way channel of the vaginal canal, releasing martyrdom and over-giving, and we learn about how to work with Inner Autumn (post-ovulation).


For our fourth month, we work with the Empress archetype, sometimes called the Dark Mother. She is the queen of boundaries, self-first care, certainty, clarity, and justice. We clear energetic stagnancy from the cervix, releasing uncertainty and fear, and we dive into the potent Inner Dark Moon (pre-menstruation).

Module five: THE CRONE

Our final archetype is the wise Crone. She holds the deep, embodied wisdom of a thousand grandmothers. She has seen the end and the beginning of all things. We clear energetic stagnancy from the womb, releasing grief, guilt, and ancestral wounds, and we learn to work with our all-powerful Inner Winter (menstruation).


In our final month, we recap and integrate the archetypes together, and we go into the Creative Cycle that exists alongside the elements in the pelvic bowl. We learn to harness the seasons of our cycles for easeful creativity, and how to work with the pelvic bowl as a system for birth (whether we are birthing creations, businesses, our authentic selves, babies, or movements).

Ground yourself into a devotional container ... 

This program is intentionally structured for gentle integration. We don't rush or push here. We soften, we allow, we receive. 

Each month, we will have one content call covering the themes of the module. You will receive additional material for integrating, as well as some reading materials to delve into, if you desire. After a two week break, we will go into ceremony together to somatically clear stagnancy from the corresponding organ in the pelvic bowl. 

We will also gather under each new and full moon for an unstructured space of connection and community. 

In this space, we go gently. We move tenderly. We honour our bodies and the pace they desire to move.

This is a space where devotion and softening are prioritised over urgency and hustle. We are rewriting old narratives here. We are decolonising, remembering, reclaiming. 

Once you have stepped into this space, it's yours for as long as you are desiring. For no additional cost after the initial investment, you are free and welcome to remain in this space, indefinitely. If you choose to, you can show up for the content calls and all of the rituals and ceremonies in rounds to come, long after your initial six month journey has ended.

Your womb is longing for community. I know this, because mine is too.

Red Rose

Darling one, your womb is calling.

You already know if this work is for you.

You feel it in your very soul.

You know the world needs you, and it needs you at your fullest. Your brightest. Your most devoted. 

The world needs you Cyclical.

Join the revolution, decolonise the Feminine.

Sign up through the link below.

With love,