Our Pelvic Bowl holds the answers.
Our Cycles are the key.

Ask me how to heal the world of a culture built on ravaging and suppressing the Feminine. Ask me how to heal ourselves from the wounding that generations of patriarchy and capitalism have inflicted.

Ask me about creativity. About expression. About sovereignty and reclamation of power that has for far too long been exploited. 

Ask me about health. Wellbeing. Vitality. Alignment.

Ask me about freedom, about the spaciousness that exists when overwhelm and burnout dissolve.

Ask me about the safety that lives in the body when desires are named, boundaries are honoured, and needs are met.

Ask me about pleasure. About how much joy and delight and expansion our bodies can hold when we have space to properly process, witness, and heal our early traumas once and for all.

Ask me about clarity and how to find it. Ask me how to trust our Yes and hold our No. Ask me how to sit comfortably in the Truth of who we are, without compromising or belittling.

Ask me how to move through fear with love. How to let go of shame. How to move past guilt, grief, judgement, criticism.

Ask me about a world where women are celebrated, where nature is revered, where the fight against those who would destroy our planet and its people is over.

Ask me about a world beyond patriarchy.

Ask me any of these questions, and I will point to your pelvic bowl.

WE hold the answers. They live in us, always, beyond the layers of fear and shame we've internalised after five thousand years of oppression.

And our cycles are the key.

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"I wish I'd done this work years ago. It would have saved me hundreds of hours of therapy."

- Ginette


We are living Myths.

We carry within us the imprints of stories told to and about us, for thousands of years. Our lives are nothing more or less than the stories we tell about who we are.

The narratives surrounding everything coded as "Feminine" has been so horrifically exploitative and oppressive and so widespread and pervasive, that our oppression has become a part of the very air we breathe. A patriarchal world shames our cycles, our emotional expression, our authenticity, our creativity, our power, our sexuality, our genius, our intellect, our capacity; and we internalise this shame until it becomes identity.

These stories are everywhere (honestly, it's SUCH a deep rabbit hole. And once you See, you can never unsee...). We can't escape them.

But we can rewrite them.

Our menstrual cycles carry the transmissions of five distinct Feminine Archetypes. Working with our cycles through this archetypal lens empowers us to intuitively self-author our reality.

It allows us to really SEE where our understanding of Self has been distorted, where our expression has been stifled, where our authenticity has been dimmed. We see for the first time where we are keeping ourselves small, holding onto old beliefs that DO NOT SERVE US, and working AGAINST ourselves and our bodies.

Our cycles are VAST. They are rites of passage, portals of INFINITE transformation, channels for self inquiry and radical self authorship, and they are our Guides, our Healers.

Living in alignment with the Inner Seasons of our cycles opens us up to our fullest expression of authenticity, creativity, sovereignty, power, magnetism, and health.

Our culture does not teach this. It teaches us to deny our bodies, to repress (or remove) our cycles, to ignore them, shame them, and ultimately to work AGAINST them.

If you're here reading this, I'm going to guess you already know our culture has it wrong.

Inside the Meeting the ReWilded Feminine Container ...

The layout of this program is very simple. 

Each month is dedicated to one of the five Archetypes found within our cycles. There will be one content call for each of the archetypes (and their corresponding season within the cycle), where we will be exploring the physiological, hormonal, and emotional impacts of that season. We will also be uncovering and deconstructing the prescribed narratives we've inherited from patriarchy around what this archetypal expression MEANS for us, going into processes that empower us to rewrite these narratives from a place of sovereignty.

We will also have one clearing and activation ceremony each month. During these sessions, we will journey together SOMATICALLY, into our physical bodies, to clear out any energetic stagnation we are physically holding in the pelvic bowl. Our bodies are wise, and their memories are far more powerful than our minds realise. Going into the Soma and clearing out these narratives AT THE ROOT, in the actual physical body itself, does more than anything else for repatterning. We can do all the journaling and visualising we like, but if we're carrying trauma in our bodies, it's not going to be sustainable.

"Honestly, if you're feeling the pull even a little bit, JUST DO IT. This work has changed my life in ways I can't even begin to describe. I feel so free, so safe in my body, and I'm more connected to my True Self than I thought was possible. I'd already been working with my cycle for a while, but the pelvic bowl activations opened up something new. I'm watching old patterns I'd been trying to move past for ages just melt away."

- Laura

Within this space, you will receive ... 

  • Tools to empower yourself with an in-depth understanding of your cycle and how it affects every area of your life. 

  • Philosophies and tangible practises to maximise creativity, ease, pleasure, and joy. Learn to work WITH your cycle in all areas of life to avoid burnout, exhaustion, and anxiety.

  • Space to reclaim the narrative of who you are. Release any dogma and shame from your system around any of the Feminine Archetypes, and rewrite the story for yourself.

  • Practical methods for effectively tracking your cycle to avoid or achieve pregnancy, without relying on an app or hormonal contraception.

  • Practises for working with your cycle to transmute and finally let go of any patterning that's holding back your Fullness

  • The Sacred as it intertwines with the Science. Learn about the menstrual cycle physiologically, and develop a practise of ritual to honour it spiritually. 

  • Embodied knowledge on living in alignment with the seasons of the womb so as to allow your authenticity, your activism, your creativity, your MISSION, to land in the world with love and ease. 

  • A fully activated and energetically clear pelvic bowl from which to BIRTH and CREATE, easefully.

  • Space to CELEBRATE yourself. Now. Exactly as you are. Learn to fully and joyfully embody TRUE self love.

  • Tools to break the cycle of shame and oppression, allow for generational and ancestral healing.

  • Embodied education that dives deep into the energetics of the Pelvic Bowl. Learn to work with your body as an INTEGRATED SYSTEM for health and growth.

  • An entirely new and utterly anti-capitalist way of looking at the world. Learn to work with your own seasons, your own ebbs and flows, your own timing. Let go of hustle culture and glorified exhaustion once and for all, and watch as everything STILL gets done.

"More than anything, this work feels like one huge PERMISSION SLIP. I feel like I can just be who I am, and celebrate that. It's such a huge relief. Looking back now, I can't believe how stressed out I used to be, and how normal I thought it was. It's amazing, truly."

- Sara

Details and Disclaimers ...

  • All content calls and somatic activation ceremonies will be held online via zoom, and they'll be recorded. You'll have access to them forever, watch them as many times as you like. It's totally okay if you can't make it live (although it'd be fantastic if you could!)

  • The structured calls happen once a fortnight to leave plenty of time for integration and grounding. Realistically, you can expect to invest maybe 2-3 hours a month into this space. More is absolutely welcome. Less is completely fine. This container is designed so that it can be integrated fluidly into your life. This work is not about "doing more". It's about coming back to the essential.

  • With each module, you'll receive an ebook full of resources. There will be journaling prompts, meditations, and further education pieces for you to integrate if you desire.

  • You'll have access to a telegram chat where we celebrate each other, witness each other, and support each other. Give and take as much as you desire from this space.

  • Early bird investment is $2225AUD until January 1 2023 (for my beloveds in Europe/UK/US, that's less than 1500 for you 😉). There are many flexible payment plans, get started for as little as $190AUD.

  • By its very nature, this work is deeply anticolonial. Some of it will make you uncomfortable. The conditioning runs deep, and deconstructing it can be harrowing at times. 

  • Once you're in, you're in for as long as you like. This program will likely run again, and you are more than welcome to stick around and participate as many times as you like, for no additional cost.

  • This round of Meeting the ReWilded Feminine will begin with the Aquarius New Moon in early 2023.

Decolonising the Womb, Meeting the ReWilded Feminine ...

Module one: THE MAIDEN

For the first month, we work with the Maiden archetype. She represents wonder, awe, curiosity, and limitless potential. We clear energetic stagnancy in the ovaries, releasing fear of abandonment and rejection, and dive deep into the science and the sacred of Inner Spring (pre-ovulation). 

Module two: THE LOVER / SIREN

In month two, we work with the Siren Archetype, sometimes called the Lover. She holds all things ease, pleasure, joy, fulfilment, and receiving. We clear energetic stagnancy in the clitoris, releasing sexual and sensual shame, and dive deep into what happens in the mind, body, and soul during Inner Summer (ovulation).

Module three: THE MOTHER

During month three, we look to the Mother. She is nourishing, passionate, wise, and oh so powerful in her sovereignty. We clear energetic stagnancy in the two-way channel of the vaginal canal, releasing martyrdom and over-giving, and we learn about how to work with Inner Autumn (post-ovulation).


For our fourth month, we work with the Empress archetype, sometimes called the Dark Mother. She is the queen of boundaries, self-first care, certainty, clarity, and justice. We clear energetic stagnancy from the cervix, releasing uncertainty and fear, and we dive into the potent Inner Dark Moon (pre-menstruation).

Module five: THE CRONE

Our final archetype is the wise Crone. She holds the deep, embodied wisdom of a thousand grandmothers. She has seen the end and the beginning of all things. We clear energetic stagnancy from the womb, releasing grief, guilt, and ancestral wounds, and we learn to work with our all-powerful Inner Winter (menstruation).


In our final month, we recap and integrate the archetypes together, and we go into the Creative Cycle that exists alongside the elements in the pelvic bowl. We learn to harness the seasons of our cycles for easeful creativity, and how to work with the pelvic bowl as a system for birth (whether we are birthing creations, businesses, our authentic selves, babies, or movements).

Ground yourself into a devotional container ... 

This program is intentionally structured for gentle integration. We don't rush or push here. We soften, we allow, we receive. 

Each month, we will have one content call covering the themes of the module. You will receive additional material for integrating, as well as some reading materials to delve into, if you desire. After a two week break, we will go into ceremony together to somatically clear stagnancy from the corresponding organ in the pelvic bowl. 

We will also gather under each new and full moon for an unstructured space of connection and community. 

In this space, we go gently. We move tenderly. We honour our bodies and the pace they desire to move.

This is a space where devotion and softening are prioritised over urgency and hustle. We are rewriting old narratives here. We are decolonising, remembering, reclaiming. 

Once you have stepped into this space, it's yours for as long as you are desiring. For no additional cost after the initial investment, you are free and welcome to remain in this space, indefinitely. If you choose to, you can show up for the content calls and all of the rituals and ceremonies in rounds to come, long after your initial six month journey has ended.

Your womb is longing for community. I know this, because mine is too.

Red Rose

Darling one, your womb is calling.

You already know if this work is for you.

You feel it in your very soul.

You know the world needs you, and it needs you at your fullest. Your brightest. Your most devoted. 

The world needs you Cyclical.

Join the revolution, decolonise the Feminine.

Sign up through the link below.

With love,