ReWilding the body is political rebellion.
To REWILD is an act of revolution. It's the audacity to remember + reconnect with exactly who we are, even in a world that won't shut up telling us who to be.
It's the full body exhale we experience when we can land in the truth of our own unique, glorious, and utterly perfect-as-it-is essence.
If you're a womb tending person who's fucking bored to tears of patriarchal capitalism's shaming, homogenising, toxic-as-fuck conditioning...
...and you're ready to meet yourself in the fullness of who you are, exactly as you are, UNDERNEATH who patriarchy told you you had to be...
...then the REWILDING community is precisely where you belong.

REWILDING is an immersive + intimate online community, led by activist, mythworker, and somatic practitioner LEILA MADELINE...


...created specifically so that women and menstruating people are able to land in the cyclicality of their wombs, their nervous systems, their emotional bodies, and their exquisite creativity... a way that is unapologetically OUTSIDE OF the oppressive colonial capitalist patriarchal paradigm.


This is a space where we work with our cycles as the alchemical crucible.
From the mainstream + patriarchal-capitalism-induced anxiety, shame, isolation, and self-doubt that ALL OF US WHO BLEED are taught to feel in the world we live in... the ecstatic, unapologetic, fully liberated, cyclically undulating, sigh-of-relief sense of homecoming that is the remembrance of our REWILDED selves.
Feeling unconditionally loved + safe in your body (and in your mind), whatever your circumstance, is your birthright. 
It's also the revolution our world is so desperately clamouring for.
Join us for the revolution. Join us as we REWILD.
Join me in REWILDING to the body.

REWILDING is for people who...


...are excited to meet themselves, shadows and all, through the lens of fierce Feminist celebration, rather than through the shaming, pathologising, and homogenising lens of patriarchy
...are curious about the raw, untapped MAGICK of their menstrual cycles, and what it could all mean for their healing, their creativity, their sense of Self, their connection to their loved ones, their activism, their work, and their realisation of the Divine
...have felt for a looooong time that patriarchal capitalism and its treatment of the planet and its people is some royally fucked up nonsense, and that a remembrance of the wild, the cyclical and the mystical would solve A LOT of problems
...properly get on a cellular level that all things are cyclical, all things are interconnected, and that the only hope we have as a culture is a massive paradigm shift away from the linear + exponential-growth-obsessed capitalist mythology our world is built on
...have maybe been secretly craving some kind of feminist and menstrual cycle honouring community for a while now, but might have been thinking:
"Okay, but when is there going to be a space that's part mystery school, part underground renegade club, part teaching container, that feels like a cosy catch up around a fire, AND a sneaky meet-up in an dimly lit room with other subversive rebels, all at the same time? 
When will I find a space that looks at my menstrual cycle AND my nervous system as interconnected, and explores the mysticism and the physiological aspects of BOTH? 
Because THAT'S something I'd really, really love."
Well my friend, I've got amazing news for you. ;)




At the heart of everything we do inside REWILDING, is an archetypal map of the menstrual cycle.


Think of it like this: 

Your cycle, your body, your pelvic bowl, is your curriculum. 

Each of the five seasons in your cycle represents a mythic doorway into your fully actualised, liberated, decolonised, patriarchy-free self. 

Each cycle is a Rite of Passage. A deeper initiation into the Five Core Expressions of You, outside of colonial capitalism's influence. 

Working with this archetypal map (and somatically landing it in the body) has meant miraculous recovery from "lifelong" conditions like PCOS and endometriosis...

...falling ecstatically, lastingly, lavishly, and madly in love with our bodies, our minds, our ways of relating and creating, our unique eccentricities and our precisely-Us ways of showing up in the world, precisely as we are, right now...

...the total dissolving of addictions, and the reclamation of PURE JOY that is here and now embodiment...

...the thrilling realisation of PURPOSE that comes when we can truly know ourselves as wondrous, diverse, utterly perfect beings...

...the permanent dissolving of "blocks" around our creativity, our expression, our sexuality...

...the resolution of traumas and wounds that have plagued us for years...

...and the buzzing, throbbing, fully body realisation of precisely who we are, and precisely WHY we are here.


The most exciting bit about archetypal reclamation work through a deeper embodiment of our cycles is the trickiest bit to talk about, because it sounds "too good to be true"...


...particularly in a world so drenched in the conditioning that our bodies are shameful, that our emotions cannot be trusted, that our worth is derived from how little space we can take up, that if we're not emulating either a cis man or a machine there's something "wrong" with us, and most of all that if we have a womb and a menstrual cycle, we're doomed to a life of suffering and pain...

 ...but I MUST tell you, your menstrual cycle holds the answers to every single question you have about who you are, why you're here, and how to heal.

 Every. Single. One. 

So please understand: this container does not simply offer a comprehensive understanding of your body, your hormones, your cyclical experience, and the sex-ed you never got from a patriarchal culture that invests everything into the shaming and repressing of cycles, bodies, and all things coded as The Feminine...

...and a lifetime membership to a circle of fiercely feminist witches doing the revolution alongside you...

...but also a set of practises + frameworks to permanently land you into the marrow-deep realisation of yourSelf as divinity incarnate, fully whole and utterly perfect, precisely as you are, right now. 

There really isn't a bite-sized way to say this...

...but the radical and humbling Truth of the matter... that REWILDING your mind + body via archetypal cycling and pelvic bowl work is the portal to the post-patriarchal capitalist world you've been dreaming of.

End of story. Simple as that.

The time is NOW.

How it all happens...


Each year inside REWILDING, we embark on a five month Mythic Exploration of the pelvic bowl. 

We work with the five energy centres there (which through a stroke of glorious and borderline Hermetic poetry, all rhyme with the five seasons in our cycles) to lift the veil of our Unconscious Minds, and repattern our understanding of ourselves and our reality at their roots. 

 We use somatic practises (with a healthy dose of magick, of course) to explore the wounds and triggers we don't even know we're still holding... as to set ourselves free from colonial capitalist patriarchal mythology  in the conscious mind,  and in the body. 

Through the alchemical combination of Archetypal Mythic Poetry and Somatics, we reorient our nervous systems back towards radical, unconditional safety and pleasure, at the most primal level. 

You know that pattern you just can't seem to shake, no matter how much mindset work and journaling and therapy you do?

Yea, you know the one I mean. The one you just keep coming back to, the one that keeps you up at night, the one that makes you think "dang, if only I could shift this one thing, then everything would fall into place"...

...come join us inside REWILDING, hang out in the archetypal pelvic bowl modules, and get back to me in three months ;)


REWILDING offers tiered, equitable, pay-what-supports you pricing. 

come join us as we REWILD


Nitty Gritty Details (AKA: what do you actually GET when you join)... 

  • Lifetime access to the REWILDING space, and all of the resources and workshops therein. Once you're in, you're in for life, at no extra cost, no matter what.
  • Counselling calls every fortnight, forever. These calls are held on zoom, in multiple time zones, every month, for the foreseeable future. We're all in this for the long haul, and you'll be supported as much or as little as you need, the whole way along.
  • Lifetime access to a VAST library of resources for decolonising the mind and ReWilding back to the Body. At the time of writing, there are already 30+ prerecorded lessons, workbooks galore, and ebooks for you to peruse at your leisure, and more are being added all the time. (Scroll down a little bit for a sneak peek at the content modules)
  • Annual pelvic bowl reclamation clears to deepen into this work (which have been known to not only resolve physical and emotional cycle-related pain, but also trigger Divine Awakenings, and shock participants into a sudden realisation of their Union with Oneness)
  • Fiercely loving and unapologetically feminist support along your journey of recovery + reclamation, in WHATEVER shape that needs to take, for as long as you like.

The secret, subtle, and less tangible benefits:


You will experience the radical awakening of yourself as Whole and Worthy, however you are, precisely as you are...

...that inevitably arises when feminists witches gather to somatically dismantle capitalist patriarchy together...

...resulting in the enduring and lasting sense of potent inspiration and unconditional joy that only comes from the radical, full-spectrum dissolving of Shame.

You will fall lavishly, lastingly, and joyously in love with your body. The kind of all-encompassing and enduring Love that makes you completely unfuckwithable. 

You will discover a sense of Home in yourself that stays, eternally, no matter what your external circumstances are doing.

You will experience dizzying upswings in synchronicity and "coincidence"...

...and like breadcrumbs along the path, you will follow them one by one...

...eventually landing you in precisely the reality you dreamed of as a child (it's wild how much coming back to Essence often resembles a reconnection with Childlike Wonder)

Your very existence will become an act of rebellion, as you deepen into the Truth of who you are, you will feel more and more of patriarchal capitalism's hold on your mind and spirit beginning to dissolve...

...making you into a beacon of post-colonial and feminist hope  for all who know you. Your children, your loved ones, your clients.


And the fact that all of this comes with a super low-end four-figure investment that you get to choose yourself? 


Honestly, it's a total no-brainer. If you're a menstruating person of the fuck-the-patriarchy persuasion who lives for the revolution and a splash of myth and magick, what are you waiting for?
Pick the price point that supports you.

"Look, this all sounds great in theory, but how do I know this work is for me?" 


Honestly, it's a feeling. 

If you're reading this page, and you feel your breathing start to speed up a little, and there's a swoop in the region of your belly or your clit, then this work is for you. 

It'll feel kind of like how you felt when you were in line at a rollercoaster, or when you're waiting for a call that's going to bring you really good news. It's a kind of pulsing, thrilling jitter, often with a splash of fear or anxiety peppered over the top. 

(In fact, just for fun, if you're feeling that sensation right now, just close your eyes for a moment and breathe into it...

...feels goooooood, right? 😉)

This work is for you if you've been looking for a place to mix together feminist spirituality, menstrual cycle awareness, somatic nervous system tending, and trauma resolution together into one delicious revolution-flavoured cocktail... be consumed exclusively through a brightly coloured silly straw.

It's for you if you've been hanging out in menstrual cycle awareness spaces for a while now, but haven't yet found somewhere that feels just right

It's for you if you feel in your very soul that you're here on this planet for something MASSIVE, and you're ready to devote yourself to it.

It's for you if you know in your secret heart of hearts that constantly devoting yourself to massive things is getting exhausting, and what you'd really love is permission to just... be. No agendas. No "growth". No... anything. 

Just you. As you are. Right now. 

Mostly, it's for you if you're a menstruating person who knows that the only hope our world has is to move beyond the colonial capitalist patriarchal paradigm, and you're already living your life in devotion to that shift. 

If you're resonating with any or all of that, you'll be right at home here, and I can't wait to see you inside.


REWILDING offers tiered, equitable, pay-what-feels-good pricing.

It's vitally important to me that this work is as accessible as possible, so that can be received by anyone who needs it. Whichever of the tiers you choose, all the access will be the same. There are no "bonuses" in the "higher" tiers, just as there is no "missing out" in the "lower" tiers.

I've included a little guide here for you to get a gauge for which price point might be the best fit. Have a feel into it, if it feels a little bit scary and a little bit thrilling, you're in the right spot.



This might be the best fit for you if...

  • you have access to comfy personal savings and financial security
  • you have the resources to invest in "wants" and "desires" without having to worry about necessities
  • you own property, have legacy income, or otherwise have access to economic power and privilege

This tier is for you if you have enough of a buffer to not worry too much about finances, regardless. Investing in this tier helps to "pay it forward". By signing up here, you are actively making space for others with less economic security.


This tier is for you if...

  • you're building savings or paying off debt, but not in a way that impacts your access to necessities
  • you have access to steady, predictable income
  • you DON'T spend a large part of your energy on worrying about shelter, food, medical care, child care, and "holding it all together"

Making this investment might mean you have to cut back a little on luxuries and treats (going out for dinner, going on adventures, lush holidays), but ONLY IN THE SHORT TERM. Not in a way that impacts you negatively in the long term.


This is your best fit if...

  • you have access to food, shelter, medical care, child care, and other necessities, but sometimes it might feel stressful
  • income feels a little shaky, and investing in one of the other tiers feels like too much of a stretch in your body
  • you have access to funds to put away for this container, but any of the other tiers would mean putting it off for more than 6 months

Note: while I'm all for leaps of faith and stretching our capacity in the name of revolution, this work SHOULD NOT come at the cost of basic necessities.

Pay In Full - $3750
Pay In Full - $3000
Pay In Full - $2225
5 x $750
5 x $600
5 x $450

Don't let money be an obstacle. If you know this work is for you, but finances are tight, scholarship tiers are available. 


Click HERE to look through them.


These scholarship tiers are for you if you're someone without access to economic security, in recovery from complex trauma, LGBTQIA+ or gender non conforming, or if you're a menstruating activist or change maker living in a country with an unfriendly exchange rate.


Join through a scholarship tier through here.


Accessibility is the same, no matter which tier you choose. You pick the comfiest one for you, no questions asked. ❤️

A sneak peek at the modules inside REWILDING...



  • a detailed, and comprehensive look at the paradigm we're all working to dismantle. It's not enough to just think we're "dismantling colonial capitalist patriarchy" as though it's some nebulous entity. We need to get into the nitty gritty. We gotta make this shit EXPLICIT. Where did this conditioning come from? How does it show up in our relationship with ourselves? With our bodies? With each other?
  • A look at the relationship between INNER WORK and OUTER WORK. How is our self-inquiry and embodiment actually impacting our outer reality? How do we bring them both into integrity? (If you've been moving through a whole bunch of different modalities for a few years and not feeling any real shifts, you need this.)
  • DECOLONISING OUR HEALING. How do we take the colonial capitalist paradigm OUT of our work to reclaim ourselves? What steps to we tangibly need to take to unlearn that shit? (Without this, everything we do accidentally becomes yet more ammunition for the "shame" and "failure" of our conditioning)
  • CULTIVATING A DEVOTIONAL WORLDVIEW. How do we bring animism and mysticism into our understanding of the world (the antidote to colonial capitalist scarcity and hierarchy), WITHOUT falling into the white supremacist traps that are so shockingly common in the so-called "healing" space? Learn how to reconnect with a spiritual worldview UNIQUE TO YOU, without bypassing any of the cultural or historical context, or the emotional tussles that come with it (mystics and witches in white bodies, YOU NEED THIS.)
Fuck yes, this is exactly what I need.


  • Fertility awareness and reproductive sovereignty. Learn how to work with your newfound understanding of YOUR BODY'S LANGUAGE to avoid or achieve pregnancy, naturally. Learn how to read your body's fertility signifiers, recognise your fertile window, and confirm ovulation, for risk-free intimacy and full-body-fuck-yes clarity around your own fertility. All in a non-gendered, fuck cishetero nonsense, body positive way of course. (fucking URGENT work in a post Roe v Wade world...)
  • A trauma-informed look at your nervous system. Learn how to work with your reticular activation system and your HPA axis (alongside your cycle, ofc) to soothe and resolve life-long trauma, and come back into the PRESENT MOMENT truth of your aliveness 
  • The stress response cycle. Learn how to work with the inhale-exhale mechanism of your nervous system to bring yourself back to homeostasis, in the way your body wants to. (This tends to work shockingly well to soothe everything from chronic anxiety, to depression, to disordered eating and burnout)
  • HOW TO EXIST IN A FUCKED UP WORLD AND NOT GET FUCKED UP. How the fuck do we prioritise our own, and each other's, emotional sanity and vitality in a world that's geared towards our extreme sickness and apathy? Learn how, here. 
Oh my god where has this been all my life???


  • Whole modules dedicated to each of the five seasons of our cycles. Covering the physiological, and the philosophical. The science, and the sacred.
  • Learn the tools and frameworks to work with your Inner Spring as the gateway to your ReWilded Inspiration. This is where we meet and soothe our Inner Child, let go of creative scarcity for good, and unpack our culture's fetishisation of youthfulness and meekness.
  • Connect with your Inner Summer as the way into your ReWilded Expression. Learn how to work alongside your ovulatory phase to reconnect with how YOUR authentic expression looks and feels. Unlearn the instinct to hide yourself away. Disentangle from puritanical myths. Move from stagnancy into fullness and pleasure. Unpack the shame and disgust people socialised as women have been conditioned to feel in response to our sexuality and sensuality, for thousands of years.
  • Get intimate with your Inner Late Summer as the path back home to your ReWilded Sovereignty. This is where we get into what it means to be a fully sovereign INDIVIDUAL, within the context of a LARGER ECOSYSTEM. Unlearn the martyrdom prescribed to people socialised as women, and repattern your relationship with taking up space.
  • Learn to work with your Inner Autumn as the key to your fully expressed, fully embodied, fully sanctified RAGE. People-pleasing and Patriarchal Good Girl syndrome go to die in the fires of Inner Autumn. Cultivate a relationship with anger and ferocity, in a way that makes your body feel safe. Unlearn all the bullshit we internalise about what it means to have the audacity of NO. Reconnect with the primal, the Dark, the Villainous aspects of you. All of You is welcome. Inner Autumn is where we learn to bring ourselves out of the Shadow, and back into the fullness of integrity.
  • Understand the mysteries of blood and bone through the poetry of Inner Winter. Here, we take colonial patriarchy and its obsession with "transcendence" OUT of our quest for emotional and spiritual nourishment. We remember Regenerative Death, and the Rite of Rebirth. We dissolve into ourselves, and reconnect with the marrow-deep Knowing of our BELONGING, in our bodies, in our very lives.
Discover your Aliveness through a devotional exploration of the five seasons of your cycle.