Cycle tracking is the fucking best and most effective tool that we have access to.

When it comes to tending our creativity, our vitality, our emotional wellbeing, and our overall health, nothing else comes close.

I will shout about this from the rooftops, forever. 

Want to learn how to develop a rhythm of working that doesn't burn you out? Get into a cycle tracking practice.

Interested in learning how to avoid or achieve pregnancy, without apps or any kind of hormonal birth control? Get into a cycle tracking practice.

Looking for a way to manage and mitigate your triggers, dramatically decreasing your chances of relapse? Get into a cycle tracking practice.

Psyched to develop a relationship with your creativity that feels structured and grounding, rather than overwhelming and scattered? Get into a cycle tracking practice.

Ready to opt OUT of colonial capitalist conditioning and its obsession with external milestones and linear time? Get into a cycle tracking practice.

Looking to cultivate a fiercely loving relationship with your body, one where you get to celebrate yourself in all your needs, desires, eccentricities? Get into a cycle tracking practice.

Seriously. I cannot emphasise this enough.

A daily cycle tracking practice will change your life, forever. Six months of connecting to your own organic timing in this way, and you won't ever look back.

Pop your best email address in below to download your free cycle tracker.

You'll get an email with two files for you to download (and print out if you like!)

One's a little booklet with space for journaling and reflection for each day of the lunar cycle, and the other is a simpler month-to-a-page style sheet for you to fill in each cycle. 

Use just one if that suits you, or work with them both together. After a while, you'll have a veritable mine of precious data about yourself for you to work with.

Important:¬†make sure you check your inbox for the confirmation email! Nothing will come through unless you click "confirm!" ‚̧ԳŹ