Learn about the physiology behind the five seasons in your cycle in a straight-forward, accessible way.

This level of body literacy and intimacy is such a game changer.

Everything from your emotional health, your physical health, your creativity, your spirituality, your appetite for food and sex and socialising and raging-against-The-Man, it's all there.

We live in a world that keeps trying to convince us that the only person worth being or emulating is a cis man, and as a result, education around our menstrual cycles (and their literally never-ending impacts) is VASTLY lacking. 

I'm generalising here, but I'm pretty confident none of us were taught all that much about what it means to be a menstruating person other than "once a month the womb sheds it's lining". 

Okay, cool, but what about all the rest?? 

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You'll be astonished at what you find when you begin deepening this kind of intimacy with yourself. 

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